The Observatory

When the roof is rolled of the observatory you get a magnificent view of the sky. Around the observatory there are large areas of arable land. Closest forest, buildings and light sources are at a distance of 3 km.DSC_0031.jpg

The observatory’s main telescope is a Celestron CPC-1100. The telescope is a Schmidt-Cassegrain mirror telescope with a mirror diameter of 11 inches (280 mm) and focal length of 110 inches (2800 mm). The telescope is microprocessor controlled, the user don’t need to know the location of objects in the sky. You use the hand control to select for example Saturn or NGC 6543. The telescope then turns to the exact location of that object. It is also possible to control the telescope with a computer with Starry Night or similar programs.


The observatory is open for the public in autumn 

Weather reservations  - see info